Bionatics, world leader in procedural 3D plants modelling technology, delivers a complete suite of professional COTS solutions for the needs of Simulation, Training, Architecture, Landscape, 3D Animation, Video Game and Virtual Reality.

Using an expression of a plant's genetic code, the Bionatics technology constructs virtual models of terrains, plants and trees that are botanically coherent. It reproduces an infinite number plants, each unique, true-to-life and simple to generate and animate. For the first time ever, virtual "living" models can simulate with realism the evolution of a project within its space and time.

The origin of this technological performance; a strategic partnership with CIRAD. This partnership has opened up considerable fields, for which Bionatics develops adapted professional solutions.

For Simulation and Training, Bionatics flagships products are Blueberry3D and RealNat Premium.