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Vortex Studio - Demonstrations, July 31 week, UK office

Our partner, CM Labs, the Montreal based land and sea physics simulation experts, will have its Vortex Studio driver training demo in our UK Office, near Oxford, from July 31

This was a huge hit on our stand at ITEC in May, and we can now repeat that hands on demonstration for those of you who missed it in Rotterdam.

This training demo lets you get behind the wheel of a fully-modelled virtual Oshkosh M-ATV and experience how Vortex Studio’s full powertrain and tyre modelling capabilities provide a more realistic driving experience. From this you’ll get a great insight into how Vortex Studio can help you design more accurate virtual training applications for land and sea operations.

Indeed, comments we had from professional trainers and armed forces drivers at ITEC praised the simulation for being the most accurate and realistic they had ever experienced.

In addition the simulator can rapidly been changed into an earth moving trainer, with accurate physics for bucket loads, types of material and vehicle motion.

If you’d like to book a meeting with us and the team from CM Labs, please get in contact with your account manager or via the contacts on this website