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ITEC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 16-18 May 2017

Multi Domain Battle simulation being showcased at ITEC 2017

At ITEC, Antycip Simulation will be showcasing leading software solutions from a range of our partners -VT MAK, CM Labs, RT Dynamics and Scalable Network Technologies - to show how it can support simulation, modelling and training for multi domain battle situations.

This includes the European launch of VR Engage, the out of the box simulation solution from VT MAK that gives users first person ground, driver and air simulations.

In addition CM Labs will be demonstrating its MRAP driver simulation, which gives a high fidelity simulation of driving over various terrain types and with differing tyre types.

RT Dynamics will be showing the benefits of using its high fidelity air platform modelling software - be that aircraft or payload - which gives users the same flight characteristics as their respective real life platform, in a simulation.

In addition Scalable Network Technologies will be running demonstrations of its cyber defence training and its network emulation software, which enable users to both plan and test networks before they are built and learn how to defend them from cyber attack

A key thing about these solutions is that they can all be combined to work together, and with others that Antycip Simulation offers, to provide users with a high fidelity solution that covers all aspects of the multi domain battlefield - ground, air, naval, space, cyber and electronic - enabling them to get better at what they do.

Please be sure to visit us on Stand 17c right near the registration area, and if you’d like to set up a meeting with any of our team, please do get in contact