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Antycip Simulation both runs and attends a range of events, throughout the year, to demonstrate and promote our capabilities as a VR Company and COTS systems integration expert for Military Simulation.

Here are details of upcoming events;

ITEC, Stuttgart, Germany, 15-17 May

Antycip Simulation will be at the leading defence simulation industry event, ITEC, in May, with a range of our (...)

SISO Seminar, ITEC, 14 May, 2018

The annual SISO seminar on M&S standards will be held in conjunction with ITEC 2018, on Monday 14 May 2018, the (...)

Laval Virtual, Laval, France, 4-8 April, 2018

Antycip Simulation will be at the leading Virtual Reality show, Laval Virtual, in April. The event has grown (...)


SIMOPS 2018, the annual French Army sponsored conference on defence simulation will be taking place on April 4-5 at (...)

An introduction to Lumiscaphe, The Hub, UK, March 8

From concept, to design, to marketing asset, to sales tool - an introduction to the Lumiscaphe high quality one (...)

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Press releases, case studies and articles from Antycip Simulation, featuring our work as a leading VR company and COTS based simulation systems integrator

Antycip Simulation Plays a Major Role in Naval Group’s French Navy Defence Simulators

Paris (France), 28th November 2017 – Antycip Simulation played a major role, alongside Naval Group, a world (...)

Antycip Simulation Puts Customer Experience First with New UK Regional Demo Centre

Adderbury (UK), 16 November 2017 – Following the recent launch of its first Regional Demo Centre in Saronno (near (...)

Antycip Simulation Delivers Two VR Rooms to Automotive Supplier Hutchinson

Antycip Simulation, a virtual reality and 3D immersive solutions integrator and the European leader for simulation (...)

Antycip Simulation Enhance Customer Experience with Regional Demo Centre in Italy

October 26, 2017, Antycip Simulation, a virtual reality and 3D immersive solutions integrator, and the European (...)

Antycip Simulation and Scalable caught in the ACT

Antycip Simulation and Scalable Display Technologies bring world-class simulation warp & blend for complex (...)

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News items from both Antycip Simulation and our partners, covering product announcements & updates, achievements and other items

Installation interview Antycip about VR

Our UK commercial development manager, John Mould, was recently interviewed by Duncan Proctor of Installation (...)

VT MAK announces VR Engage 1.2

VT MAK announces the release of VR-Engage 1.2; First launched in May 2017, VR-Engage is MAK’s multi-role virtual (...)

TORE - the evolution of the VR CAVE?

Picture a half sphere, flattened at its two poles, giving 180 degrees of view, with no vertical sides or joins, and (...)

Cyber defence training 2.0

Scalable Releases new version of Network Defense Trainer, with improved features and enhancements to cyber defence (...)

Benefits of Simulation-Based Training for the Armed Forces

Simulation software has become an invaluable training tool for the armed forces, offering trainees a unique and (...)

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