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Barco WB series & Precision software

A processing engine for warping and blending. Compatible with active 3D stereo.

Barco’s range of multi-image WB processors are processing engines for warping and blending with a whole range of features including camera-based AutoAlign and RealTime warp.

Adding low-latency, patented Black Level Matching, and Sub-Pixel Level Matching for colour correction, they guarantee that each pixel has the same colour and brightness.

The WB range also have the option of the Precision auto-alignment tool. Offering a simple and fast solution to an otherwise complicated procedure. With a single camera and a PC users can achieve perfect blends on multi-channel installations, on both flat and cylindrical surfaces. It is an automated camera-assisted system for warping and edge-blending.

Any multi-channel system will eventually drift over time, creating the need for realignment. This can be a time consuming, disruptive and difficult task. With Precision users can perform automatic realignment at the simple click of a button and it only takes a couple of minutes.


  • Provides stable and flawless blends over time
  • Can be used with any display device supporting DVI input, up to WQXGA resolution per channel
  • High-performance blending and warping for a seamless multi-channel image
  • Supports any combination of channels and image stacking
  • Precision is very easy to use and significantly reduces alignment times

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