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Antycip Simulation

Europe’s leading provider of professional grade COTS simulation software, projection & display systems, and related engineering services.

Our work supports clients in making the most of their training, simulation, research, analysis, visualisation, and modelling, helping them to save time, money and other resources, by being better at what they do.

A subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems), Antycip Simulation has nearly twenty years’ experience as a supplier to governments, the military, universities, and a wide range of industries including defence, aerospace, security, transportation, automotive, and telecommunications.

The key benefits of working with Antycip Simulation are;

Our extensive portfolio of software and projection & display products from a broad range of manufacturers and suppliers. Enabling Antycip Simulation to bring together a truly tailored solution to meet customer’s project requirements and resources.

Our leading professional expertise from nearly twenty years of working at the leading edge of COTS simulation software and high end projection & display equipment and installations. Which means that Antycip Simulation has a depth of knowledge and insight to help customers get the best and the most from their projects, from design to installation to in use support.

Our solution independence. Antycip Simulation is not tied to one supplier or partner, so has the freedom to recommend solutions that are best for the customer, rather than right for a particular manufacturer or supplier.