Minimise footprint, maximise display area with SlimWall

SlimWall is an off the shelf projections solution, designed by Antycip Simulation, to meet the needs for a large display area with a small physical footprint.

With the use of ultra-short throw projectors, SlimWall has a depth of only 0.58m, and projects a seamless image measuring 2m to 4m in height and upto 6m wide. This permits users to make the best use of their floor space whilst also offering a huge high resolution desktop image that can be driven from a single easy to manage Windows based PC.

Also, everything about SlimWall is designed around its flexibility. From its modular internal structures, designed to meet future demands and technological upgrades, to its ability to be taken down, transported in tailor made flight cases, to be easily reassembled in another location. Additionally, the software used to automatically calibrate the multiple projectors inside the SlimWall into a seamless single image, is very user friendly, and means that the blending of the multiple images into one seamless one, is a simple task to complete.