Collaborative Environments and Decision Theatres

Improve team communication, interaction and decision making.

Antycip Simulation design and install single and multichannel immersive display solutions, tailored to the functionality requirements and specific room constraints of the customer.

Many of the immersive display environments that Antycip Simulation has designed and installed can be categorised as Virtual Reality centres. More recently the terminology has evolved to call them Collaborative Environments. The primary use being to immerse a team or audience within the visual display, enabling them to more easily share data and interact with real-time content.

In building these collaborative environments, Antycip Simulation uses the latest projection technologies. Each display is unique, utilising COTS technology to ensure future supportability. Middleware components are selected to enable the functionality for the switching and control of video and audio input sources, video replication, picture in picture capabilities and much more. Image generation is also part of the solution with COTS based PC hardware and multi-media playback systems.

New developments in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device ) software technologies foster further collaboration by enabling unlimited clients to share data wirelessly with such displays even offering the ability to display and organise this data on screen with touch interaction technologies and gesture based control.

Antycip Simulation can provide a full or part solution Collaborative Environment to help customers provide their teams with a truly helpful communication, interaction and decision making arena.